In The Home

There are so many things we use in the home on a daily basis. These are a few of my favourites.

The Vitamix

This is one of my absolute favourite things. 'A blender?' I hear you say. Oh no... this is so much more than a blender. We purchased the Vitamix after watching a demonstration at the Good Food and Wine festival in Brisbane in 2013. Initially I thought we would just use it for juices and to be honest, for the first 6 months that is exactly what we did, and if that was all we ever used this for it would be worth every cent. One of our friends commented that she was so impressed that she was able to have kale in a juice without having the gritty bits in her drink that are usually associated with green juices. Since then we have also used it to make amazing cashew nut butter, the best pumpkin soup ever, delicious dips (sundried tomato and cashews - YUM!!) as well as using it to chop onions and cabbage, make Bulletproof coffee's, crush ice for drinks... the list goes on. We have barely scratched the surface of this awesome machine's potential and love discovering new things to do with it. The Vitamix is an absolute must for those wanting to eat a healthier diet - I can have the majority of my daily intake of vegetables and fruit in a few glasses of juice. It is fantastic. 

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