For The Kids

When you're pregnant with your first child you will have advice coming in left and right about what items you must have, let alone the advertising and magazines telling you that you will be a bad mum if you don't have this particular item. Sheesh!! Then the kids get older and the confusion doesn't go away. I like to keep things simple. There are a few items I have found that I used on a daily basis, that actually did make life that little bit easier and that I just loved. 

Here are a few of my favourite things for the kids.

The Manduca

We all know babywearing is beneficial for both mother and child from birth. I never had the chance to baby wear with Alexander when he was really small because of his NICU stay. After he came home from the hospital I wanted to be able to carry him around close to me as much as I could. I started researching carriers and came across the Manduca. It seemed perfect for me, it had an insert sewn into it for smaller babies that could just be folded and tucked away as they grew bigger. It had nice wide comfortable straps and supported the coveted ‘M’ leg position for the baby. I went and tried it on and fell in love. I bought it on the spot and haven’t looked back. Steve and I have both worn it a lot and it adjust easily between us. We have worn it around the house, shopping and hiking. I’ve even managed to breastfeed while carrying Alexander in it. I cannot recommend this product highly enough, go and try one on for yourself, you’ll love it. 

You can find more information about Manduca Carriers here: