About Me

My name is Krystal and I am a first time mum. I'm a fiance, a daughter, a soon to be step mum, a sister and a friend (sometimes neglectful). I'm a Paramedic, an avid knitter, a wannabe photographer, a try hard health and fitness nut and an all round life lover.

I love having fun, I love cooking and I love lazy days (although I am really starting to forget what they are). 

I try really hard to eat well, I mostly eat a Primal or Paelo diet however I also have some mammoth paleo fails. At the crux of it I usually just eat what makes me feel good. Some days that is chocolate because it satisfies a craving, other days its a big piece of steak with veggies. I also try to exercise but my gym membership has been quite lonely lately. 

At the centre of my universe is Alexander and Steve. Alexander is my son who makes me smile, laugh and cry just about every single day (usually tears of joy because I am so proud of his milestones and also scared of how quickly he is growing up). Steve is my amazing fiance, he stands beside me and supports me through everything. I could write forever about these two but I'm sure you'll hear more about them soon. 

So this is me... these are my stories and I am so glad you stopped by to check it out.