Thursday, 18 December 2014

How to say NO to drama

In keeping along the same lines as my previous story, this post is dedicated to the kind of people who always seem to have some sort of drama surrounding them. You know the ones I’m talking about – they are the person who you ask ‘how are you?’ and you can never get a simple answer. It’s always something along the lines of ‘well you wouldn’t believe what so and so did to me’ or ‘didn’t you hear? So and so has done this and now I’m some sort of victim.’ They are the people who always have something going wrong, are always disadvantaged by something in some way and everything is always someone else’s fault.

Say NO to Drama - We all know someone who thrives on drama. How much of their drama do you allow into your life? Do you know how to say no? Learn how to turn someone else's drama into your success.

I know you know someone like this. I know you also try to avoid people like this. They are exhausting. Despite how nice they may be to you, they consume so much time and energy and that’s why they don’t have very many close friends at all. If there is no obvious drama currently in their lives, they start making things up and creating drama because they struggle to function without it. It is their life source; it is what drives them and feeds them. Without drama, they simply don’t know what to do.

Unfortunately, for some of us, we cannot avoid these people. They integrate themselves into our lives and despite every effort we make, we still have to deal with them.
I’ve got a particularly dramatic one devoted to entwining herself in every aspect of my life at the moment. She puts so much effort into taking a swipe at me from every direction she can, whether it is using people we both happen to know, using her kids or even having her solicitor send letters (for some reason she thinks that by putting something in writing it makes it so…). She is the kind of person who has always gotten her way, manipulated people into doing what she wanted and failing that, used her parents money to buy her way through life. It seems in all her years she has yet to learn that money cannot buy class or happiness.

So after her latest attempt at attacking me it made me think, ‘What impact is she actually having on my life?’ To be honest, she has had more of a positive effect than she could ever know. She is so intent on brining me down that she wouldn’t even realise that her efforts are actually building me up. Each time she makes some half minded attempt to thwart me in some way it gives me this overwhelming drive and determination to do better and to be better and to prove that I will not let anyone stand in the way of my happiness.

Reflecting on it even more, it has been directly after the times that she has made attacks at me that I have achieved the most. I have set up this blog, written posts I am incredibly proud of and driven more traffic here than I ever thought possible. While I am sure I would have achieved all of this without the drama, it has been because of the negativity that I have been determined to be the best I can be. It has made me take more control of my life and what I want.

I will meet her negativity with nothing but a positive attitude and be happy while she thrives only on others misery.

I will not allow her, or anyone else, to stop me from doing what I want to do in life.

I will say NO to drama!!!

We have a choice when it comes to the people in our lives that thrive on drama. We can both encourage and feed their drama, giving in to their idle threats and allowing them to intimidate us. Or… we can use their drama to fuel our motivations, we can prove to them that our lives can be happy and drama free and we can chase our dreams regardless of what anyone says.

How do you deal with drama? Leave your comments below and let me know your tips and tricks on how you deal with the dramatic people in your life.


Maya from House Nerd said...

Love this post Krystal. It resonates for me because I have a couple of friends like this! You look forward to seeing them (time and time again) yet leave feeling stagnated and sapped. Unlike your 'friend' mine don't attack me or my personal decisions (very often) but they don't exactly boost me up either. The older I have gotten the more I find I gravitate towards optimistic people who have can-do attitudes and naturally look on the bright side of life.