Thursday, 20 November 2014

I wish I could do it better....

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What’s one thing you wish you could do better that would make your life easier? Just one small, simple thing that if done regularly would make things easier. Do you wish you could meal plan, or perhaps stick to a budget, or maybe you need to be able to leave work at work? For me its organisation. I have the basics down pat, I can write a list (or 10 lists including a list of lists to write – I love lists!!) I can get the washing done and getting Alexander ready of a morning, when I am running late or have a million things to do I am incredibly organised. It’s when I get those few moments of quiet time – when Alexander is having his nap, or when he has gone to bed, or down time at work, that’s when I fall apart.

Take this morning for example – Alexander woke up at 4:30am and was crying out for Mummy, I went into his room and reminded him that it was too early to get up and he needed to go back to sleep (amazingly he actual laid back down and didn’t complain). After this I was wide awake – I climbed back into bed though thinking I’d try and get a little more sleep – my mind was racing so I picked up my phone… one hour later I realised I had done absolutely nothing productive and had just read Facebook posts of various groups I was in. One hour – in one hour I could have had my morning chores done, cooked breakfast for the family, done a work out or morning Yoga, checked emails and responded, written more lists (including one for our upcoming camping trip), started packing for the aforementioned camping trip… the possibilities are endless! But instead I stalked Facebook. It’s times like this that I am glad that my Facebook account is used purely for groups I am in (my mother’s group for July 2013 is amazing!!) and not for personal friends and family. These are the times that frustrate me. My brother has a tattoo of a quote on his foot that says ‘Anything lost can be found again, except for time wasted.’

 There’s so much I want to get done, and plan to get done, however sometimes the lure of half an hour of uninterrupted me time, relaxing on the lounge, or shamelessly stalking Facebook, is just too hard to pass up (actually there’s a lot of shame to the amount of time wasted on Facebook). Now, I am not saying we need to fill every second of every day, down time is important especially for us Mumma’s. My biggest problem is that my half hour down time quickly turns into two hours of watching TV (hello Ellen and TMZ) and Facebook stalking people who offer no motivation, benefit or enlightenment to my life. So here’s my pledge:

I WILL schedule in down time for myself.
I WILL set a half hour timer and stick to it.
I WILL NOT feel guilty if I spend that entire half hour sitting on my lounge eating the block of chocolate I’ve had to hide from Steve (seriously, I have to hide it or he will eat it all).
I WILL make a list each day of all the things I wish to achieve during the down time I do have.

Schedule in some 'me' time...

So, after feeling ridiculously guilty for ‘wasting’ an hour this morning, I climbed out of bed, made myself a lovely cup of coffee, said good morning to the dog and sat down to write this post and have already finished my list for the day. Definitely feeling more organised and productive already. 


Matilda said...

I think I need to put a ban on Facebook phone time until after household chores are done. It can be such a time suck.

Alex's Mumma said...

It is amazing how time just seems to disappear when I'm on Facebook. It frustrates me. I need to set myself time limits.